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Garmin FR60

The best purchase you will make this year

Garmin FR60The Garmin FR60 is a stylish sports watch suitable for runners, athletes and cyclists. It's a vital training tool with the ability to track speed, distance and time. Most importantly it's waterproof, light and small making it the best choice when one is looking for a multi sport watch. It has the ability to connect to a cycle sensor to track speed even when one training indoors.

One can buy Garmin FR60 to track the heart rate, time and the calories burnt after a workout. It's also a great gadget for logging time and the miles travelled during a workout. Bundled with the wireless foot pod, it also tracks the speed and distance whether one is indoors or outdoors and sends the data in a computer for analysis.

For the best tracking device, one can order the Garmin FR60 online, it's a gadget that is capable of tracking all the work out data including the time, calories burnt, heart rate and more. The gadget comes with advanced training tools which include training alarms and a virtual partner that one can compete against to improve their performance. 

Garmin FR60 description

Monitoring Heart Rate - Garmin FR60 monitors the heart beat per minute and displays one's heart rate zone and this aids in monitoring and improving the fitness level.

T raining Indoors or Outdoors - whether one is working out indoors or outdoors, Garmin FR60 tracks all the data including time, heart rate, and calories burnt and lap times. The gadget comes with a virtual training partner and training alarms to help one improve their fitness performance.

Sync and share - Once the miles have been logged, the Garmin FR60 automatically transfers the data to the PC wirelessly when in range. No cable is required to be plugged in to the gadget to be able to transfer working out data.

The Garmin FR60 connects to the optional wireless foot pod using the ANT+ seamless wireless link enabling one to track distance and speed effortlessly. The foot pod collects data using advanced accelerometer technology and sends accurate data about one's movement. It gathers distance and speed data that is 98 percent correct.

Cross Train - When the Garmin FR60 is paired with an optional speed sensor, it tracks one's cycling workouts speed and distance. The wireless speed detector attaches to one's bicycle securely and measures the pedaling speed and wheel speed as one rides the bike. The sensor attaches to the rear wheel and therefore one can use it to train indoors.

Garmin FR60 comes in different versions to cater for men and women. They come in different styles and color since men and women have different preferences when it comes to color. Men's model comes in black or on black while the women's model comes in lilac or black.

Garmin FR60

Garmin FR60 Features/ benefits

The Garmin FR60 attracts positive reviews from users because of its unique functionalities. It contains a lot of unique features useful to trainers, fitness enthusiasts and coaches. FR60 contains a heart rate monitor that enables one to digitally monitor their heart rate and improve their performance.

Bike speed sensor - the gadget contains a bike sensor that is attached to the rear of the wheel to measure the pedaling and wheel speed as one rides the bike during a work out.

The gadget contains an automatic sync that enables it to send work out data directly to the computer wirelessly. A digital partner feature in the FR60 gadget allows one to train against a virtual partner. This helps one improve their fitness performance. One can buy the Garmin FR60 in any local store since its available and affordable and contains many unique important features.

Garmin FR60 contains an auto pause feature based on speed and if one stops it pauses and resumes from where it left.

Pace alert - Garmin FR60 triggers an alarm if one varies from the preset speed allowing one to stay within the set speed.

Time/ Distance alert - The Garmin FR60 triggers an alarm when one reaches the goal i.e. the distance and time that one had set to reach during a work out.

Interval training - One can set up training/work out and rest intervals It contains a stop watch that has functions that include time of day in 12 and 24 hour format, daily alarm, a calendar, and dual time zone.